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What is Structured Labor?

Structured Labor is designed for employers that desire to reduce the costs of contingent labor, as well as the indirect costs of their core workforce. Our structured labor approach also helps reduce exposures such as increasing SUTA costs, Experience Modifier Rating, HR compliance, and company health insurance premiums.


How Does Structured Labor Work?

Structured Labor is an employment tool designed to drive client profitability by engineering a 3-tiered workforce: Core staff, long-term “hybrid-temps,” and traditional temp-staffing. Clients maintain complete control of how, when & to what concentration to utilize our service.

Benefits to Client

  • Substantial cost and dependency reduction on third-party labor providers
  • Increased workforce stability/productivity
  • Reduced employment liability
  • E-verify considerations
  • SUTA/Unemployment reductions
  • Insulate injury claims & EMR
  • Reduce Benefits costs and participation obstacles
Benefits to Worker

Benefits to Worker

  • $5,000 Free Life Insurance
  • Pay advances – eliminate “pay-day” loan sharks
  • Telehealth Services 24/7/365
  • Affordable health benefit options
  • Discounted Credit Repair
  • Retail Discounts
  • Entertainment Ticket Discounts
  • Preferred Status Mortgage Programs

Case Studies

What Can Structured Labor Do For You?

Below are three examples of clients that had identified long-term temp staffing usage and have since adopted the Structured Labor Model:

Company #1
About $1.5 million payroll. The cost savings from traditional temp rates to long-term temp rates equated to about 12 points in cost reduction or approximately $180k in direct cost savings.

Company #2
Maintains around 15 employees in a long-term temp status. These workers equate to about $600k in payroll. Cost savings is approximately $72k in net direct savings.

Company #3
A company that processes Aloe Vera adopted our model in November of 2021. Approximately 110 workers averaging $13/hr have transitioned to long-term rate. We reduced the rate 5 points from their traditional temp rate. This equated to over $160k in direct savings.

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